by Geneva Sherrer / Tallassee

The Tiger on our water tank downtown is cute, but when the tank is repainted it’d be nice to see the name of our town written where people can read it when entering our beloved city.

I agree with Melanie Wilson’s letter in the Feb. 11 Tribune about needing a new recreation center.

I personally think new exercise equipment is needed. A couple of Total Gyms could take the place of a lot of big machines.

I also agree with Daniel Phillips’s letter in the Jan. 1 Tribune about good building sites on the Lower River Road.

We in East Tallassee do not understand why all the businesses are on the West side. It’s like we’re not part of our town. We voted for council runners we had confidence in to work for our side of town but we are still forgotten and ignored.

If the bridge ever becomes uncrossable, we’ll have to drive 30 miles to Montgomery or Auburn for food, doctors and other needed things.

It’s time for our council people to start taking our side of town in consideration for businesses.

God bless Tallassee, the town I love.