Memories of a lifetime are mostly good

By: Ronald Brantley


I have lived through a lot and most of it was good.

I remember World War II and the death of President Franklin Roosevelt but I also remember when there was only one size Coke and it was 6½ ounces. I remember Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Tarzan; how many boys tried to yell like him as he swung through the jungle? About 100 percent of us tried his yell and about 2 percent perfected it. Carol Burnett is the only girl to yell like Tarzan.

All boys tried to sing like Al Jolson in the 1940s and how many practiced to make his voice go up and down like Hank Williams when he sang “Lovesick Blues?”

We all thrilled at the movies and the voice of Elvis Presley. Boys everywhere dyed their hair and tried to comb it like Elvis.

Did I tell you I went to Hank Williams’ funeral? I went with my older sister and her husband. Me and 20,000 others stood outside.

I lived through the 50s, when music was at its very best. Go back and listen and you will agree. I lived in the days of Captain Marvel, Dick Tracy and Superman. Captain Marvel was a boy named Billy Batson who would say the magic words “Shazaam,” and causing him to turn into Captain Marvel. Recently I was watching an advertisement of coming movies and lo and behold Captain Marvel is a beautiful girl who looks as sexy as Wonder Woman.

I lived through the Korean and Vietnam Wars. I remember the Beatles era very well and how the hairstyles changed and daddies fussed and threatened to disown their sons and before long the daddies were wearing their hair long too.

I remember when TV censored the Elvis Presley moves. The other night there was a tribute to Elvis and I thought in the Elvis days they would have blocked out three quarters of that show. I remember when TV came to our area and how we loved to compare sets.

And then there were the tape players. It has been said if Hank Williams had owned a $19 tape recorder in his day, we would have 400 more of his songs. He didn’t write music and he left over 400 poems.

I was saved and became a Christian at 17. I opened my business in Tallassee in 1959, we started the Coffeebreak TV show in the 80s and I started writing this article in 2000.

There have been ups and downs since the 40s and 50s but I must say it has been mostly ups or good. There have been failed romances and some so great they will go to the grave with me. Some men live their entire life without knowing true love and it is my belief no life is complete without it. My life has been co