Dear Editor,

Mayor Johnny Hammock's article in the Feb. 19 issue of your newspaper explained his advocacy of a super prison in Tallassee. I have no doubt in his sincerity on the issue a super prison in Tallassee is a good move.

However, Mayor Hammock has fallen into the false economy logic so common among his peers in the world of municipal government. Tallassee is not a desperate little town without any hope for a vibrant local economy by any measure. Our community can and should be selective about the type of industry we recruit. One mistake in industrial recruitment could tag us with an irrevocable stigma very harmful to our people.

I must add it was disappointing to see the mayor castigate leaders in our community and advance an absurd conspiracy theory their mission is to hold down progress in our community.

An online report readily available to the reader which might be of interest is: “Big Prisons, Small Towns: Prison Economics in Rural America” by The Sentencing Project (Copyright 2003).

Alan Parker