A couple weeks ago, sports writer Caleb Turrentine penned a column about the potential environment of a high school basketball game. If the crowd is large and into it, it can be one of the best atmospheres around the sports world.

There’s something about the echo of a big crowd in a small gym that’s really quite magical.

I don’t know if student sections around the area read Caleb’s column and took heed or if they were going to do it anyway, but I have been so impressed with the support our local basketball teams have gotten so far.

Earlier this week, I went down to Elmore County for the Panthers’ doubleheader with Dadeville. It was the Tigers’ season opener and the away crowd matched the enthusiasm of Elmore County’s fans, which is saying something because they were out in spades as well.

Benjamin Russell’s crowd actually got a little too excited when the fans rushed the court just because Za Stowes hit a buzzer beater to send the Wildcats’ game against Sylacauga into overtime. I think most fans thought BRHS actually won the game, but I gotta admit it was a thrilling moment, even if it just forced overtime. (Which, by the way, the Wildcats won, so there’s that.)

Even Horseshoe Bend’s small gym was packed in the student section area for the Generals’ games against Holtville on Thursday night.

It seems like Tallapoosa County, especially — and maybe even Elmore County now football season is officially over — is hungry for some excitement and so far these basketball teams are giving it to them. Dadeville pulled out a close one over the Panthers in girls hoops; Tallassee got three last-second free throws in its boys game against Auburn to earn a victory; and Benjamin Russell, of course, won in overtime.

I, for one, think it’s going to be a fun basketball season, so student sections should stick around.

Detroit Lions aren’t something to be thankful for

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I always like to take a moment to remember what I’m thankful for. One thing I honestly am never thankful for is the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day.

I’m already an anxious person and for many years, I went to my grandma’s house with my entire extended family (think between 25 and 35 people stuffed around one table). So it wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience for me. Then add in having to hope the Lions win — and trying not to curse around my grandmother when they inevitably did not — made it that much more challenging.

This year is going to be a real doozy. I’m spending Thanksgiving for the first time with my boyfriend’s family, so I’ll already have to be in my trying-to-impress mode. And most likely the Lions won’t win because, well, they don’t do much of that these days.

Can’t we just have a year off? Make someone else split their holiday with a bunch of losers.

Alabama fans need to chill

I love Luke Robinson. I always want him to be a columnist for The Outlook because he gives us some good insight and he also makes me laugh a lot.

But to suggest or even slightly imply Alabama might be defeated by Western Carolina? Come on, Luke, you can do better.

I understand the injury Tua Tagovailoa is a devastating one; I truly do. But it even more illustrates my point from a week ago if you’re a national championship caliber team, it shouldn’t be dependent on one player. Let us all remember how heroic Jalen Hurts was this time last year; Alabama fans more than anyone should know it can be done.

And please, if Tide fans really think they might could lose to Western Carolina, then something is not right with the world.

Lizi Arbogast is the sports editor at Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc.