There have always been little girls involved in my life. I remember very well when I was 5 years old and one afternoon in April my brother who was 10 ten years old told me to go outside and play. This didn't seem right because it was about the time most kids were going in for the night. We had a fort built across the road from the house so we went and played there for a while. 

I wanted to go into the house but he said no. After what seemed like hours and hours my brother said we could go in and see the surprise that awaited me. 

I wasn't all that pleased because I was expecting a pony, cowboy suit or maybe a coaster wagon.  Instead I got a baby sister. 

They named her Dale after our local doctor, Dale Corrington. 

I have told this before and I'll probably tell it again, but in those days it was the job of older siblings to look after the younger ones and in the next few years the job really fell on me.

I guess I threw a ton of rocks trying to run her back home but she insisted and insisted on tagging along. 

As the saying goes “time waits for no one” and it hasn't.

My sister and myself have turned into old people as bad as I hate to admit it. Dale's health has really faded and now she is bedridden but she is and always will be my baby sister and sometimes I wish we were still living in a millhouse on Scott Street and I was throwing rocks trying to run her home. 

Then as I got older and turned 15 years old, a pretty girl moved her schooling from Friendship to Tallassee. We married when we were only 16 years old. I don't recommend this for anyone; I will write more about these experiences later. 

My sister-in-law had a girl Janice, and she was just a baby when I got married. Janice I guess was as loving a child as I've seen. I guess I went to as many dance recitals as anybody in this area. Janice grew up and married with us overseeing every step she made. 

Later came Amy Wallace, another niece, and she was a fixture during our years on Lake Martin. I had a boy and I spent a few years girlless, if there is such a word. One day he came home with a little 16-year-old girl from Reeltown and she has been around since that time. 

I figured at the time I could train her and get all those twisted ways out of her system but I failed. She still goes barefooted more than she wears shoes. She has been around for 33 years and I would almost swear of all my good teaching, she hasn't learned one single important thing. As far as following me around, she is bad about it but she says instead of following me she is carrying me. I let her keep on thinking this if it makes her happy. 

Well, she had three daughters. Amanda helped me carry out the trash on TV and was and will always be a special part of my life. 

Hanna was the second girl; she was the musical one. I've always enjoyed Patsy Cline and she was singing Patsy Cline when she was knee high to a bullfrog. Later she was in the FFA quartet and drum major in high school. Now she sings with the First Baptist Church choir. 

Then came Cora who we named after my mama and besides I think Cora is a pretty name. She was third and last and Cora is the loving one. She started telling me she loved me as soon as she could talk and still does every time she sees me. She was discovered to be a Type 1 diabetic at the age of 8 and is now a senior at Auburn University. 

Then we come down to a great granddaughter Natalie Ruth. Natalie was named after my sister who was a pistol ball. I don't know if there is anything in a name but all indications are Natalie is going to have many of her great aunts’ traits. She wants to be a part of everything; she likes to dance; she loves music; she can't be still; and she is only 20 months old. 

I've told you about some the girls in my life — some of the loves that have made up my life. I'm sure most of the experiences you have had are similar to mine. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.