Brian Tannehill / For Tallapoosa Publishers Elmore County’s Madison Britt (45) fields the out against Wetumpka.

The selection process for the annual North-South All-Star games was a little bit different for the spring sports rosters. Without having a full slate of games in 2020 to see stats from, it was clear some players’ sophomore seasons were used in the process and Elmore County’s Madison Britt certainly benefitted from that.

In 2019, Britt earned all-state second team honors as a first baseman after hitting .483 with a 1.399 on-base plus slugging percentage in 115 plate appearances. That season got her on the radar. Although her numbers were not quite as high when her junior season ended, she got the nod from the AHSAA on the South team as the rosters were released Saturday.

“At first, I couldn’t really believe it,” Britt said. “This year wasn’t the best year for me but I was really happy. I’m thankful they can see that in me and believe I can hang with the big dogs.”

By most standards, Britt was still having a strong season despite not living up to her own expectations. She finished the shortened year with a .356 average and 1.051 OPS.

“It’s tough to get on one of those rosters,” ECHS coach Terry Nicholas said. “We’ve had some really good players with good numbers that haven’t been selected. While we thought her numbers were good enough for consideration, you just never know. We were pleasantly surprised but I think she is absolutely deserving.”

Nicholas said what he believes helped Britt stand out was not just what she did with the bat but what she did when not even swinging. Over the last two years, Britt has drawn 23 walks to just 12 strikeouts, helping her team-high .535 on-base percentage. 

“The discipline to know what you’re looking for and when to swing the bat,” Nicholas said. “A lot of times she knew she wasn’t going to be challenged too much. She hasn’t been pitched around but they are being careful with her.”

Despite being named to the roster, Britt will not get the chance to play in the game as the AHSAA has canceled all of its North-South week. However, Britt still knows how big of an honor it is to even make the list.

“I was looking at it and it was all (Division I) players,” Britt said. “I’m up there with people that are getting scholarships to go to big schools. It’s hard to explain. I’m still in shock about it. It would have been amazing to play alongside the top people in the state but it’s amazing to see my name up there with them.”

Britt said getting her name on the list may add a little bit more pressure to live up to the hype next season but she is welcoming it.

“I want to show everyone that this isn’t just a fluke,” Britt said. “I want to show people I can hold my own against them. I am so excited for next year to show them I deserve to be there.” 

Caleb Turrentine is a sports writer for Tallapoosa Publishers Inc.