Trey Killingsworth

Submitted / The Herald Trey Killingsworth got injured in the first game of the year last season.

Before the coronavirus impacted the sports world, Trey Killingsworth was not having the easiest first year at Edgewood. 

In the first quarter of his first football game with the Wildcats, Killingsworth went down with a torn ACL. The injury was severe enough to require surgery, forcing Killingsworth to miss the remainder of the season and all of the basketball season. 

“It was really tough to me,” Killingsworth said. “I came to Edgewood and wanted to play after having a great summer then after hurting my ACL after like three minutes, it wasn’t easy. And I love basketball but had to miss the whole season. It really just made me sad.”

Killingsworth went through a few months of therapy but was cleared before the start of baseball season. While he was still getting his arm into shape, the season was suspended due to the coronavirus and Killingsworth was once again staring at more time away from the field.

It has not been the easiest time for any athlete as work continues from home but it may be even tougher for Killingsworth. He has been away from competition and from his teammates almost all year and right when he was set to make a return, things got shut down. 

However, Killingsworth is still focused on finding the silver lining. 

“It may be a blessing in disguise,” Killingsworth said. “It gives me more time to prepare myself. I want to be ready when it is time for us to get back to summer workouts and ready to play again.”

Fortunately for Killingsworth, he has one more year of high school and wants to make sure he will be ready to play when the time comes. He is staying hard at work to try to get back to his old self which includes a lot workouts and stretches for his recovering knee. 

“Ever since they cleared me, I’ve been on the field and working hard to get back how I used to be,” Killingsworth said. “I’m really taking it day by day to see where I’m at. I’m not trying to rush it. If I do that, I may get hurt again.”

The rehab workouts used to include anything that involved knee bending including cutting drills, riding a bike and leg presses. Without having the same resources while being stuck at home, Killingsworth is staying active with different agility drills and just simple running workouts.

“I’m doing a lot of conditioning and field work,” Killingsworth said. “I want to use my legs a lot to see where I’m at. I’ve been working with the brace on and without the brace on. (Athletic trainers) said to just make sure I keep my leg in shape.”

Killingsworth said his knee is feeling better but it still gets sore from time to time. He believes the extra time he has now will help prepare him.

Edgewood is still waiting on the final call from the AISA to cancel the spring sports season so there has been no focus put on the football field for multiple-sport athletes like Killingsworth but it’s clear the Wildcats are looking forward to getting him back on the football field whenever the season arrives.

“I’m excited to see Trey this year,” Edgewood coach Darryl Free said. “Going into last year, he was showing such potential and promise and multiple positions. I know he’s hungry and ready to get back on the field. I’m ready to see the Trey we know can step up on the field.”

Caleb Turrentine is a sports writer for Tallapoosa Publishers Inc.