As we get further and further away from the last sporting event, I have had to turn to several different ways to get my sports fill. I spent time over the weekend watching game replays, playing video games and reading some of my favorite books on sports.

From old NCAA Tournament games to PlayStation FIFA to “Nine Men Out,” I have managed to get by for the first full week without sports. Unfortunately, without having to drive to and from games, I have neglected one of my favorite forms of sports media.

Despite games not being played, many sports podcasts continue to stay busy talking about how the coronavirus has affected the sports world while trying to find a variety of positive spins to keep audiences in good spirits.

I am getting back to listening to my daily and weekly podcasts so I wanted to share my recommendations for those trying to get some sports back in their lives and I’ll start with one that is hopefully familiar.

Inside the Lines Podcast

It would be wrong if I didn’t shamelessly plug our own podcast but Lizi Arbogast and I are just getting started with Season 2. During this time without high school sports, we theoretically will have more time to stick to our schedule and we will both be dying to talk about some sports.


Whether we discuss some of our favorite sports moments or we dive deeper into one of our spirited debates we have put off in the past, we are going to continue to talk about sports and we hope you all will join us. 

The Lead

If you are a sports fan, you should be subscribed to The Athletic but even if you aren’t, they have made their podcasts available to everyone and each episode is worth the listen. Kavitha Davidson and Anders Keito are incredible storytellers and they have already spoken on several topics since the break in their daily podcast.

You can find a lot of fun episodes with discussions about Tom Brady going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or recapping what was a fun college basketball season. But you can also find some crucial information and emotional stories like how WNBA players have been affected while living in Italy during the offseason or how ballpark workers will get by without the season starting. 

Best of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

This may be the most popular sports radio show around and you can watch the full show every day on ESPNews. However, if you do not want to watch or listen to the radio show for three hours, the “Best Of” podcast can be found every day which combines a few of the best segments of the day into one show.

The hosts are focused on sports and they will get reaction from different figureheads in the sports world but the biggest strength of the show is understanding when things are bigger than sports. They will discuss how athletic events are impacted by the coronavirus but they will more importantly relay important and factual information on how everyone — athletes or not — can help stop the spread of the coronavirus so we can get back to watching live sports.

Football Weekly from The Guardian

If you are not a soccer fan, this one may not be for you but it will certainly give everyone a different viewpoint on what is happening in the sports world right now. Europe was hit hard by the coronavirus and it is still dealing with the fallout. 

Host Mac Rushden is joined by a panel of hosts from their homes twice a week as they discuss the biggest moments in soccer from around the world. Without matches being played right now, they have turned their focus to UEFA’s and FIFA’s handling of the situation and the long-term effects on the soccer community. 

Rights to Ricky Sanchez

I had to throw this one in here as one of my favorites and also because the hosts got Pablo Torre, of ESPN, to marry my brother and his wife (long story, ask me about it sometime.) If you are not a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, you may hate this podcast but if you are, come join our very weird family.


Caleb Turrentine is a sports writer for Tallapoosa Publishers Inc.