As the spring sports schedule started winding down, I have to admit I got a little bit excited knowing I was going to have some nights to myself without work for a while. Between baseball, softball and soccer, there was very little time for rest.

However, I started to realize my nights will not be much different during the summertime. I will still spend the majority of my time watching sports during the summer but this time it will just be for fun.

The summer is always the time of year where sports feels like it takes a collective offseason. There is no football, high school sports have finished and within a month there will be no more hockey, basketball or any college sports.

However, there is still something always worth watching. Until the middle of June, we will be treated to more playoff hockey across the NBC channels while also watching the Golden State Warriors ease to another NBA championship. 

There may be some off nights in between but don’t worry; that is when baseball comes into play. And if you’re not the biggest baseball fan, that’s fine. (You’re wrong but that’s fine; we can still be friends.)

The beauty of baseball is seeing the same players on the field night after night while watching a game with completely different results than the night before. And if you find the right west coast game, it makes for a pretty good soundtrack to fall asleep to. 

As most people know, the summer brings some great golf tournaments to the weekend viewings. You can ignore all the basketball, hockey and baseball you want while being entertained from the first morning tee time until the final putt on Sundays.

If golf is not your thing, there are plenty of great tennis tournaments to keep up with and they last for more than just four days. There are two legs of the Grand Slam played during the summer with the French Open starting next week and Wimbledon being played the first two weeks of July. 

And above everything else for me, there is soccer. I know a lot of you are tired about me trying to convince you to watch so instead I will just pretend you’re already convinced and we can get excited about the upcoming events together.

Beginning Friday, 24 teams from across the world will begin play in Poland for the U-20 Men’s World Cup. Even with the amount of young star power who are eligible for this event, the US team will not have some of the big names everyone knows.

However, the players that are there have to start somewhere and are still the future of the US Men’s National Team for future world cups. Plus, the US is expecting a very good showing and are one of the top five favorites to win the tournament.

If you want soccer at a higher level, you can wait for the 2019 Women’s World Cup to begin June 7. I cannot stress this one enough but find your favorite local spot to watch sports, be there around your fellow Americans to support the team and I promise you will enjoy the event even if you do not like soccer.

And if none of that sparks your interest, don’t worry; football is right around the corner. Summer camps will be in full swing before you know it and previews for high school, college and professional teams will be all over your news feed.

So, the summer may be more relaxing but it’s certainly not a time to forget about sports. When you’re fan of it all, you don’t get an offseason and I’m OK with that.

Caleb Turrentine is a sports writer for Tallapoosa Publishers Inc.