Keiven Mixson (copy)

File / Tallapoosa Publishers Tallassee coach Keiven Mixson

The Tallassee Tigers marched into Sweet 16 with a home win over Talladega Wednesday.

The Tigers won 86-80 and Jamicah Humphrey was a big factor in the win. Throughout four quarters of play, Humphrey dropped 52 points for the Tigers.

“So happy for our players and school and community,” Tallassee head coach Keiven Mixson said. “It is incredible to see the rise of Tallassee basketball and to see our players buy in and compete the way they do. Beating a great team like Talladega in a sub-region game is huge for our program. This team has accomplished many great things but our ultimate goal is Birmingham so we can’t relax and enjoy. We have to focus and get ready for the next game.”

The Tigers will take on Greenville Friday night on the road. Greenville beat Headland 91-61 in the first round.