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Tippy Hunter

General Manager, 256-414-3190

Angela Mullins

Director of Business & Digital Publishing, 256-414-3191

Audra Spears

Director of Creative Services, 256-414-3189

Betsy Iler

Magazine Editor, 256-234-4282

Erin Burton

Director of Audience Development, 256-234-7779

Lee Champion

Production Manager, 256-414-3017

Kenneth Boone

Chairman, 256-234-4284 



Lizi Arbogast Gwin

Managing Editor, 256-414-3412

Cliff Williams

News Editor, 256-414-3029

Dalton Middleton

Sports Editor, 334-350-3922  

Henry Zimmer

Sports Editor, 234-414-3180

William Marlow

Staff Writer, 256-414-3180 


Abigail Murphy

Multi-media Reporter, 256-414-3031

Advertising Sales

Marilyn Hawkins

Regional Sales Manager, 334-350-3917

Sheryl Jennings

Account Manager, 334-350-3921

Renee Trice

Regional Sales Manager, 256-234-4427

Hidey Arrington

Sales Manager, 256-234-7702

Emily Gregg

Sales Manager, 256-234-4427


Linda Ewing

Clerk, 256-414-3175

Classifieds & Legal Notices