Reeltown Elementary School National Beta Club induction

Students at Reeltown Elementary School took the oath of membership Monday, Nov. 28, as they officially joined the National Beta Club.

A special ceremony occurred Monday at Reeltown Elementary as students took a prestigious oath of membership. 

The school’s elementary and middle-grade students officially joined the National Beta Club Nov. 28, with an induction ceremony held for fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes. 

Jordan Montalvo, one of the school’s club sponsors, led opening remarks and noted the responsibilities the school’s students will soon assume as they join one of the largest educational youth organizations in the United States.

“We are here to recognize these students. You [the students] truly are the leaders of your school and community. I hope you feel pride in becoming members of this organization,” Montalvo said. 

According to Montalvo, the National Beta Club consists of 500,000 members and over 900,000 local chapters spread across the globe. The organization grew ever slightly as 42 Reeltown children recited the National Beta Club pledge. 

Surrounded by family and school staff, the students vowed to honor the organization’s pillars: achievement, character, leadership and service. 

“I’m now tasked with guiding this group of bright, young students as they become members of this club and grow into leaders of our school and community. We look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come,” Montalvo said. 

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Principal Lisa Hornsby concluded the ceremony by congratulating the school’s inductees.

“Over the course of 86 years, National Beta has been proud to embrace countless members,” she said. “Parents, friends and loved ones, I hope you’re as proud as I am of these amazing new Beta Club members.”

Hornsby then encouraged the students to strive to be leaders by demonstrating good character and serving others. 

Reeltown Elementary School National Beta Club induction
Reeltown Elementary School National Beta Club induction
Reeltown Elementary School National Beta Club induction

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