Andy Coker

Andy Coker has announced he will run for the Tallassee City Schools Board of Education.

“It is with great pride and a servant’s attitude that I announce my intention to run for

the Tallassee City Schools Board of Education to represent the citizens of Ward 6,” Coker said. “I have had family attending the schools in Tallassee since the 1920s to include grandparents,

my mom and dad, aunts and uncles, and all my cousins. I bleed purple and gold!

“It would be an honor to serve Ward 6 and all the students that attend Tallassee City

Schools as a member of the school board. If given the opportunity, I will work hard

to ensure all our children are afforded the education that they deserve.”

Coker is a Tallassee native and feels he can help the school system move forward in a positive direction.

“As someone who has lived in Tallassee my entire life, I feel that I have a crystal-clear vision of

what is expected of our schools,” Coker said. “I see it as the school board’s duty to deliver that

vision to our citizens. Thank you for your support.”