crystal collins

Crystal Collins, a former special Ed teacher at Tallassee Elementary School, has been missing from a medical facility in Montgomery for more than a week and now and her husband says he still has no idea what happened to her after she left the E.R. at Baptist Medical Center South early in the morning on Friday, Nov. 19. Crystal has been missing for 10 days.

"Nothing makes sense," Jason said. "I don't think that she would have walked away from the hospital. She wouldn't have walked out of a lit parking lot. She knew we were on the way. It just doesn't make sense to me."

Crystal's husband Jason and their son, as well as other family, spent Thanksgiving at home hoping that their wife and mother would return home or call. Thanksgiving has come and gone and Jason still has no answers in his wife's disappearance.

"It was probably the most depressing Thanksgiving we've ever had. They wanted to do it at another house but I wasn't leaving," he said. "I've been making sure someone's at the house phone and I have my cell phone on me at all times, and someone's here."

Crystal went to the hospital on Sunday, Nov. 14. She remained at the facility until early Friday, Nov. 19. 

According to Jason, Crystal called him around 3:30 a.m. and explained that she needed a ride home because she was being discharged from the emergency room.

"I also don't know what medicine they had her on. Did they have her on something that would have her disorientated," Jason asked. "I just don't know. I have no clue."

According to Jason, the two have a 9-year-old son and he stayed home with him while a family friend went to pick Crystal up from the hospital.

Upon arrival, Crystal was not at the hospital. Jason said the family friend was told that Crystal had left the hospital only 15 or so minutes before his arrival.

Last week, Crystal's disappearance was shared on numerous media outlets.

Jason said he had tips that someone saw his wife at the Z MART on Ann Street. However, according to Jason, the woman sighted was not his wife.

"They sent me a picture," he said. "Yes, it was a woman of my wife's size with blonde hair, but it was not her."

According to Jason, Crystal has no history of drug use and when she called him Friday morning, she sounded coherent.

"She didn't sound disorientated," he said. "She's never had any type of drug use in her life."

Crystal was once a special Ed teacher. Jason said a sudden disappearance like this is not in her character.

"She was a teacher," he said. "Nothing. Nothing like this."

While the days tick by, Jason said he is hoping for his wife's safe return.

"I hope that I find out she is somewhere safe," he said.

Jason also believes that his wife could be in a situation where she is unable to call or come home.

"She has to be. Thanksgiving has done went by. She knew the family is worried about her. She has to be. That's all she cares about is her family. She hasn't called her mom, she hasn't called her brothers, she hasn't called her sister, nobody," he said.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Crystal Collins, call the Montgomery Police Department at 334-241-2651 or CrimeStoppers using the 24-hour tip line at 215-STOP (7867) or 1-833-AL1-STOP, or download our P3-tips app. Make sure you receive a tip id and password to communicate with investigators if there is a follow-up question. Your tip may lead to a cash reward.