The city, and social media, was covered in purple on Friday, Jan. 29, to show support for Tallassee native, Lacey Brewer, who is in the hospital due to effects from COVID-19. Brewer has been in the hospital for weeks now and many are praying for her recovery.

Tallassee native Suzannah Wilson came up with the idea for the Purple for Lacey campaign. Purple for Lacey was posted on social media, and in only a few hours the message to wear purple to show support for Brewer, who is an active member of the community, had rapidly spread.

Brewer graduated from Tallassee High School. As a student, she was very involved in extra-academic activities. Today, Brewer is in her second term as a member of the Tallassee City Schools Board of Education. She is also a member of the Tallassee High School Alumni Association.

Many members of Tallassee City Schools wore purple for Brewer.

"There is no doubt Lacey Brewer is passionate about everything Tallassee," said councilman Terrel Brown who is a P.E. coach at Tallassee Elementary School. "She has shown this through her continuous support for our students by attending all school events, as well as her continued service as a board member on the Tallassee Board of Education. Along with the rest of her family, friends, school system employees, and community, the TES Physical Ed Teachers wanted to show Lacey Brewer how much she is loved and respected in this city and our school system by wearing purple. When one of our citizens hurt, we all hurt. That is the true definition of community."

Not only did people wear purple to show support for Brewer, but some local businesses also sported purple to show their support. Tallassee Jewelers in downtown placed a large purple bow on the business's front door to show support for Brewer.

Over at city hall, Mayor Johnny Hammock along with several municipal employees also sported purple to show support for Brewer.

Mayor Hammock said he wore purple to show support for Brewer and everyone in the community who has been affected by COVID-19.

"Lacey is a civic leader on the school board," Mayor Hammock said. "These prayers are for Lacey and everybody else who is or has been suffering from this pandemic."

Hammock said he is praying for everyone suffering due to the pandemic, both physically and mentally.

"There's a lot of people in our city that are suffering from COVID, COVID related cases and having problems after having COVID. Everyone is wearing purple today to show support for Lacey, and for everybody in our community who is struggling with this pandemic. That can include people who are suffering from depression due to being safer at home. In my eyes, it represents a lot of different things."

While Friday, Jan. 29, was the day to wear Purple for Lacey, Wilson said she will wear the color purple every Friday until Brewer is out of the hospital, and hopes others will too.

"We are going to wear purple every Friday until she comes home," Wilson said. "Heck, I may wear it every day. Please continue to pray for Lacey."