How has the closedown because of the coronavirus affected you?

This is the most asked of all the questions I think anyone has asked since all of this has happened.

I think it was March 17 we closed at noon until further notice. I really thought it would be less than two weeks.

The first week we had prayer meeting then on Sunday we had church and Monday night our group met at Hardee's for burgers and chit chat as we have for the past few years. Then the warning became more stern and we were asked not to make contact with people except maybe the grocer. Cafes closed to drive-thru only and picnic areas were closed down. Stay at home, stay at home, stay at home and that is what we have done.

I have a pretty big place, about 60 acres, and I can get on my golf cart and ride around when I start to get stir crazy. My son and I live in each other’s yards so to speak and everything is done as a family. I'll explain.

In our big house (that is the house my son lives in) there are four people who live there at night and during the daytime three more live in his house and my house combined. Since there is no school and their mama works, the children stay here. As a whole I live by myself.

Since the shutdown I sleep a little later in the mornings — about 7 o'clock; it used to be 6 o'clock. I stay up later at night, watch TV, play on the computer, read or try to write. I don't get much exercise except on one part of my body and I'm seriously thinking about getting me a sheepskin to keep down pressure sores because of sitting so much.

I nap more than I did and I cook a lot more than I did while I was working. I cook at least one big meal a day. I love to cook. No one tells me I have to cook; I just enjoy it and I don't play around with it. I cook full meals which include cornbread, two vegetables, a meat and most of the time a dessert. I have a Crock-Pot that is good for a roast, potatoes, carrots, etc. I have a pressure cooker for stews and all kinds of cookware for anything else.

You must remember I have been on my own for many years.  I pity the man who can't do any housework or cooking if he tries to live alone for one reason or another. My family eats one meal at my house per day and most days Ronnie and I eat together more than once. Since this shutdown we don't go out to eat but sometimes we will use the drive-thru for burgers, chicken or subs.

The grandbabies are building a fort over in the woods and they are making plans to cookout and maybe sleep out. It is according to how the nerves hold out. Ronnie is teaching them how to make survival tools just in case they are ever caught out in the wilderness. Plus, he is having fun, they are having fun and Patrick is getting in some work for the Boy Scout merit badges.

The two smaller ones are learning what outside playground equipment was set up for in my yard. They are swinging and jumping more than they ever have. Tammy (the daughter-in-law) is having thrift store withdrawals. She never knew and neither did we that she could go for days or weeks without spending a few hours looking through a thrift store. We are keeping a close eye on her just in case she can't handle it. 

Well, that is just about how it is around the Coffeebreak household and I'm pretty sure it is about the same around yours.