My name is Tommy Gresham and I’m running for councilman in Ward 1. I’ve had connections with Tallassee my whole life. I’ve had a permanent home here for 34 years with my wife Becky and we have a daughter Valerie.

I owned and operated Gresham Roofing for 15 years where I serviced Tallassee and surrounding areas. Then I worked for The Tallassee post Office for 23 years. I served a lot of you in these areas.

I have always worked hard for the people of Tallassee, most of you know me and some don’t. I’m a fair and honest man who will work hard for the people of Tallassee.

Tallassee needs to grow in the right direction and I would appreciate your vote on Aug. 25. I will try hard to see each of you, but for those I miss I would love for you to vote for me in Ward 1.


Tommy Gresham