Council considers multiple capital improvement projects

The Tallassee City Council approved painting storm shelters behind city hall at its June 11 meeting.

The Tallassee City Council approved painting storm shelters behind city hall at its June 11 meeting but delayed committing funds to several other projects until they could be studied more closely.

The state provided Tallassee a $45,000 allotment for capital improvements this fiscal year and the council approved painting the storm shelters for $3,850.

Other projects under consideration include replacing the leaky roof of the ACTS building, which the city owns; and adding an automatic door opener and replacing the roof and windows of the senior center.

The cost of a TPO-type roof for the ACTS (Association of Christians of Tallassee) building is $21,777. The roof material is actually a rubber membrane but one councilmember questioned its durability.

"I'm not sure about how long a TPO roof will last," councilmember Jeremy Taunton said.

The initial bid for the senior center improvement projects was $7,333 but that project was placed on hold after Taunton asked for time to consider other options.

"Replace them but replace them with something that is not arched," he said.

The senior center was once a church and the windows are arched. Taunton said it could cost less to remove the arched windows and replace them with traditional windows.

Mayor Johnny Hammock said an automatic door opener would be beneficial at the center especially for handicapped people.

“When you come up to the door in a wheelchair or with a walker, there will be a square next to the door that you can push it and it will automatically open the door,” Hammock said. “I am getting a bid on that."

The automatic door opener was considered last year but other projects, such as the new roof for the ACTS building, took priority.

The delayed projects will be considered at the June 25 council meeting.

“By then I should have the other bids in,” Hammock said.