Boat Ramp

(Carmen Rodgers) Now that work at Thurlow Dam is complete and water levels are back to normal and boaters can once again access the boat ramp on Lake Thurlow.

Now that crews for Alabama Power recently finished work to replace the spill gates at Thurlow Dam, water levels are back to normal and boaters are no longer put out now the boat ramp on Lake Thurlow is once again accessible to the water.

In order to replace the dam's spill gates, water levels in Lake Thurlow had to be dropped to ensure against overflow during the construction.

Lake levels continually dropped once work began on the dam. Water levels became so low the only boat access to Lake Thurlow became inaccessible because it no longer extended into the water. This caused frustrations for many who regularly utilize the boat ramp.

Members of the Tallassee City Council discussed extending the ramp to allow for access during the construction process but ultimately decided the cost to extend the ramp outweighed the advantages because it would only be inaccessible temporarily.