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(Carmen Rodgers) Louie's Sno-Cones may soon have a mobile location in east Tallassee thanks to rezoning that the Tallassee City Council recently passed.  

According to the municipal building inspector, Andy Coker, the Tallassee Planning Commission recommended the approval of the rezoning of two properties in Tallassee for business development.

The first rezoning recommendation is for a property on S Tallassee Drive. The other recommended rezoning is for a small piece of property on Hwy 14 near Britt Veterinary Services where James Lyons would like to set up his Louie's Sno-Cones truck.

The construction of new rental cabins is planned for the larger 16-acre parcel that was approved for rezoning.

There was no one at the public to hearing to speak for or against the recommendation.

The Mayor of Tallassee John Hammock gave his opinion on the recommended rezonings.

"These are both on the east side of town and I think that's another opportunity for the people in east Tallassee and Carrville to have another business that they can visit, and get snow cones in the summertime. I think it would be great for the children over there. I know Mr. Lyons does a great job in downtown Tallassee so for him to have the opportunity, I am all in favor for it," he said.

The rezoning of the S. Tallassee Drive property could create a new tourist attraction in the area.

"It looks like they are getting ready to do a very nice development down there along the creek," Mayor Hammock said. "I think they are trying to go after some ecotourism for Kayakers and stuff like that, birdwatchers and hikers, people that like nature. We have a lot of beautiful natural resources here in Tallassee and I think that's what he's targeting."

Members of the city council also agreed that new business would be beneficial for the city.

"I'm all for new business and moving toward," councilmember Fred Randall Huey said.

The council voted all in favor of the measure, with the exception of councilmembers Sarah Hill and Jeremy Taunton who did not attend the March 9 regular meeting.