Members of the Tallassee community came together Saturday to remember Lacey Brewer. Lacey had the heart of a volunteer and was a friend to so many. Lacey was so loved that her memorial had to be held at J.E. Hot O'Brien Stadium, which is fitting because if anyone embodied Tiger Pride, it was Lacey Brewer.

She was a graduate of Tallassee High School. As a student, Lacey was very active in school. After she graduated she remained active in the school system. Classmates, Wayne Pitchford and Jason Hornsby spoke about Lacey on behalf of the Class of 1985.

"We want you to remember several things about Lacey," Pitchford said. "First off, she was very kind and loving. She was very generous. She was a hard worker. She was a community leader. She was a leader amongst our class, and most importantly, she was Christian. She loved Jesus Christ."

If there was a need Lacey was there to help, yet she always remained humble.

 "Lacey was generous," Hornsby said. "She has done many things for this school and for this city, and all the stuff that she did, she didn't want anyone to know about it. She was quiet, she was giving and she would continue to give no matter what." 

Last year, when the mask mandate was put in place, Lacey bought masks for the THS dance team. She didn't want anyone to know that she had done this. This is just one example of a long list of Lacey's selfless acts.

Pitchford was also a coworker for Lacey's at Neptune Technology Group.

"Lacey was a hard worker and valued member of the accounting team at Neptune Technology Group for over 30 years. According to the accounting department, a typical day would be her showing up about 7:20, coming down the hallway, 'Hey y'all I'm here, I'm here'. Then y'all know she carried big purses and big sacks, and she would get to her door and fumble around because she couldn't find her keys. And she'd say 'where did those keys go? I know they were here recently.'"

"In all seriousness, Lacey was a very dedicated employee she kept everyone on their toes all the time. We never had to worry about what Lacey thought because she would let us know. You never had to worry about where you stood, if there was an issue, she would tell you what she thought about it."

Suzannah Wilson also spoke about her longtime friend during Lacey's memorial.

"If I've said it once over the past few days, I have said it a hundred times, Lacey was a steadfast friend," Wilson said. "She was responsible, dependable, smart, loyal, and a whole lot of fun to be around. She had the wisdom and intelligence of a woman and the heart and soul of a girl. To me, she will be forever young, cheering on her Tallassee Tigers and the Crimson Tide."

Wilson coordinated the Purple for Lacey campaign when Lacey was in the hospital. The movement grew, even past the city limits. Many in Reeltown and surrounding areas also wore purple to show love and support for the cherished Tallassee community member.

"Lacey is the only person I know that could get them to shed the blue and white, and put on purple to show their support for her," Wilson said.

"Lacey was a good friend. And Lacey mattered. And Lacey was loved. Lacey was loved because she loved," Wilson continued.

Wilson co-founded the Tallassee High School Alumni Association in 2012 along with Lacey.

"We can’t think of a better way to honor Lacey than to induct her posthumously into the Hall of Pride," Wilson said. "It's an honor that she was bound to be given."

The past 12 months have been tough on many and Lacey is among several souls that the city has recently lost. Wilson said these words about the "great" ones that have recently passed.

"Maybe because they give and give and give until they have given all they can. And then they rest," Wilson said.

Lacey was a dedicated and active member of Tallassee First Methodist Church, and Pastor Clint McBroom officiated Saturday's memorial.

"One of the things about Lacey that I know we will all miss is she had a very unique laugh. It was kind of half of a giggle. I can't reproduce it but you know it because she did it often, and it was contagious."

James Bush, Jerry Cunningham, Ron McDaniel, and Mike McElroy sang Hallelujah and Amazing Grace during Lacey's memorial.

Lacey helped raise funds for the Class of 1985 sign that is painted on the wall inside the stadium and fellow class members said they are committed to keeping the sign up for Lacey.

"To her, it shows the community that our class was the best," Hornsby said. "We want to keep that legacy alive for Lacey."

Pitchford announced that Neptune Technology Group along with the Tallassee High School Alumni Association will sponsor an annual $2,000 scholarship for a deserving senior in Lacey's name.

The Class of 85 is also partnering with the alumni association to sponsor a second scholarship in Lacey's name.

"All funds that are donated to the alumni association in Lacey's name will go toward this scholarship. The class has already raised $8,000 for this effort, and I challenge all of you to donate to the alumni association in Lacey's name," Pitchford said.

To close the memorial, The Pride of Tallassee Marching Band played the Tallassee High School Alma Mater, followed by a purple and gold balloon release.