Tallassee City Schools

Tallassee City Schools is offering two options for students this fall, and an important deadline is coming up for families to submit their chosen option for their student(s).

The first option will be a traditional/blended model where students and teachers use the traditional brick-and-mortar model but also incorporate virtual learning into the classroom. The goal is for students to attend school traditionally. The blended option gives students the opportunity to learn in a traditional setting and prepares them to learn virtually if necessary.

The second option TCS will offer students is a virtual option. The goal is to have virtual teachers on each campus who serve as facilitators for virtual students.

All families are required to complete their "Intent for Participation" in the traditional or virtual programs for the 2020 fall semester no later than Wednesday, July 29. Virtual students will be enrolled in Edgenuity and assigned a TCS employee as a facilitator. A device will be assigned to the student and families will be required to make the commitment to virtual learning for a full nine-week period. Families choosing the virtual program must be prepared to provide stable internet access for their student's learning.

Remote learning will also be available through the school system's blended learning option for instruction. Classroom teachers will provide instruction through our Edgenuity platform during times where remote learning is necessary.

Virtual learning will be an online learning experience for TCS students. Students will be responsible for logging in and completing assignments on their own with a facilitator to help guide instruction.

Editor's Note: Read Tallassee City Schools' full roadmap in Wednesday's Tallassee Tribune.