Rep Barry Moore

Residents of Tallassee and surrounding areas will have an opportunity to hear from U.S. Representative for Alabama's 2nd congressional district Barry Moore during a town hall meeting at city hall on April 5 beginning at 10 a.m.

According to Mayor John Hammock, the City of Tallassee will receive over $830,000 from the latest COVID relief package and this is a great opportunity to find out how those dollars can be spent.

“This is an opportunity to ask what that money can be used for,” Mayor Hammock said.

“That’s good information to know. They are talking about putting some money into the EPA and Alabama may get 300 million of that. This is a good time to find out what that money may be used for.”

It is expected that much of the $834,000 will fund infrastructure projects. 

“I’m meeting with engineers today to go over our capital improvement plans to see what we will bring to the council and suggest what we spend this money on.”

The city worked to improve the Tallaweeka water tank last year and this year the downtown water tank may see some rejuvenation thanks to the $834,000.

“It might go toward the downtown water tank,” Hammock said. “We aren’t sure yet, but that’s leaning toward the top of the list but we will have to look at everything.”

This should be welcomed news as many have expressed an interest in having the now faded facade repainted.

For more information about the visit from Rep. Moore, call city hall at 334-283-6571.