The past 12-months have been a difficult time for many. The safer at home order that has been in place for months is helping stop the spread of COVID-19, but that isolation can spark low self-esteem and worsen some mental health issues.

The nonprofit organization, S.O.A.R. Inc. will host a positive self-talk session for adults 25-and-older at the Tallassee Recreation Center, located at 450 Gilmer Ave., on Wednesday, Feb. 10, beginning at 6 p.m. Titled "Being Different", the event will offer advice on how to foster self-confidence and higher self-esteem, and, at the same time, it will provide participants with skills to better deal with anxiety, organization, depression, communication.

"This is a way to engage the older generation and maybe even some parents to help change the narrative, if possible," S.O.A.R. Inc. founder and operator Andrus love said.  "Some people do not know how to properly appreciate themselves and deny negative thoughts and or words from others." 

S.O.A.R. Inc. serves many in the community, but this event is aimed at the adult population, with hopes that the positive self-talk will trickle down to the younger generation.

"I wanted to see if the 25-and-older individuals were interested in learning a new perspective and sharing it with their kids and or people in the household," Love said.

Love hopes this event will help people better understand what is and is not controllable in life.

"The goal is to encourage self-love because some do not appreciate current lifestyles, but we can only change what we have power over and our thoughts are definitely one of those things we can control with proper guidance."

Love understands that self-confidence starts at home. Parents cannot teach their children how to be self-assured individuals if they, themselves, are not armed with the skills needed to be a confident adult.

"I aim to help get the parents involved, and maybe we will begin to see a change in behavior during problematic situations overall," he explained.

This event is for adults, both young and old.

"This group can be done for the young and old," Love said. "Plus, I have several approaches to assist individuals young and old like anger management and problem-solving techniques, but I needed to start somewhere."

Love is currently undergoing cancer treatment, but even that can not stop him from helping the community.

"This particular area is what has been placed in my heart and I wanted to stay active within the community as much as possible," He said.

While this event also aims to promote self-esteem and good mental health, physical health will be a top priority. Participants will need to bring something to sit in, wear a mask and maintain a safe distance at all times. 

"I ask that everyone bring some type of chair to sit in and be prepared to share thoughts, answer questions, and take notes," Love said.

Love is anticipating a large turnout Wednesday evening.

"Hopefully, we can pack the Tallassee Recreational Department with 50 participants. If we help one person, the goal of offering a new perspective or outlook on their personal life would be accomplished," Love said.