Although there are still many unknowns about the upcoming school year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tallassee City Schools has released its school calendar.

School will start Aug. 19, which is a week later than usual and is beneficial to the school system.

“In our case it gives us a chance to put some in-service days in there to actually prepare our teachers for more digital learning if that does happen this year,” Tallassee City Schools superintendent Wade Shipman said.

No decisions have been made yet on virtual or digital learning but Shipman feels it’s important to have those training days available.

According to Shipman, dates on the school calendar were determined after discussion with a leadership group, a teacher advisor group and Tallassee Board of Education members. The plan was then shared with faculty and staff and sent to the state for approval.

Shipman said plans are still in the works for the upcoming school year but he anticipates honing in on back-to-school plans as the state issues some guidance.

“At this time everything is still being considered,” Shipman said. “We’re going to follow best practices for what the state suggests and how it fits Tallassee, but we haven’t made any final decisions.”

Shipman hopes to have a concrete plan in the next few weeks.